Because these products are very time consuming and difficult to install, there are virtually no installers specializing in this field. Contracting a local carpet installer usually means the use of tack strips. Invented by Roy Roberts in 1938, tack strips are clearly not a part of any historically accurate installation of Ingrains or Venetians. Ideally, only a blued carpet tack should be used. Ask your installer what he/she will be using to secure your material before you contract them for your installation. Choose your installer carefully. Make sure they have experience with this type of material. It may not be possible to repair it once cut or installed to a tack strip.

I began installing ingrains and Venetians around 1995. I am very proud of my installations and appreciate the opportunity to work with so many wonderful people who have such a deep rooted interest in history. I strongly recommended that you contact the museums on their respective pages to check my references.

You can send in your measurements, location and job details by mail or phone. E-mail is always preferred.

I look forward to working with you on your project.

Please note -- this website is designed to facilitate the procurement and installation of Ingrain and Venetian carpets and to showcase the installations of those materials. I do not maintain a storefront or warehouse and cannot market your material for you. Any e-mails sent requesting marketing will not be answered. Thank you for your consideration.



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